Short DW story for deffranco!


"Time or space?" the Doctor asked once they were safely away from the equally mad and murderous aliens they just barely escaped.

Amy opened her mouth to answer but was quickly interrupted by her husband. “Some place safe?” he suggested hopefully which just earned him a scoff from the Time Lord.

"Why would we do that?" he asked, turning something to make the TARDIS do something. "Oh! I know! There’s this amazing planet that you two will love!”

He continued to ramble on about a planet that had trees that were made of cotton candy - “Or something that resembles it. Kind of.” - but Rory ignored him. “Don’t look like that,” Amy scolded playfully, gently poking Rory in the side. “You know what he’s like.”

"Yeah, yeah," he replied but smiled when Amy poked him in the side again. In retaliation he started to poke her back which just turned into an all out tickle fight. 

"Oi!" the Doctor called when he realized they weren’t paying attention to him anymore and frowned when they finally looked his way. "I’m telling you about the history of one of the most friendly creatures in the universe and you two are tickling each other!”

"Sorry, Doctor," the two humans said, both trying hard not to laugh when he frowned even more.